"Type B" Filter Cartridge
"Type B" Filter Cartridge

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"Type B" Filter Cartridge

SKU# 59905E

Intex filter cartridges are made from Dacron material. They are easy to clean and to replace when necessary, usually after about two weeks. Look for the large “A” or “B” on the package to make sure you are getting the right size for your filter.

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  • Marked “B”
  • For larger pumps: 2,000 gallon (7,570 L) per hour - 2,500 gallon (9,463 L) per hour
  • easily stores and transports
Item # 59905
Size N/A
Age Grading adult
Package Dimension 10 in x 5.875 in x 5.875 in
Package Weight 1 lbs
Product Size 5-5/8"X10"
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Replacement Parts
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» Your pool can be easily emptied and stored in a safe place during the winter. However, many people choose to leave their pool up year round. In areas where freezing temperatures occur, there is risk of ice damage. It is recommended to drain, disassemble and store the pool in a safe place when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. See "How To Drain Your Pool" section. Clean pool water thoroughly (If Easy Set Pool make sure the top ring is properly inflated). Remove the skimmer (if applicable) or any accessories attached to the threaded strainer connector. Replace strainer grid if necessary. Be sure all accessories parts are clean and completely dry before storage. Plug the Inlet and Outlet fitting from the inside of the pool with the plug provided (sizes 10' and 12'). Close the Inlet and Outlet Plunger Valve (15', 18', and 24'). Remove the ladder (if applicable) and store in a safe place. Be sure the ladder is completely dry before storage. Remove the hoses that connect the pump and filter to the pool. Add appropriate winter chemicals. Consult your local pool dealer as different regions vary greatly. Cover pool with Intex Pool Cover. IMPORTANT: INTEX POOL COVER IS NOT A SAFETY COVER. Clean and drain pump, filter housing and hoses. Remove and discard old filter cartridge (keep a spare cartridge available for next season). Bring pump and filter parts indoors and store in a safe and dry area, preferably heated. STORING POOL FOR WINTER After draining pool, dry pool liner completely (100%). Sprinkle talcum powder on liner to prevent vinyl from sticking together and to absorb any water you may have missed. Roll pool liner to avoid creases and relocate to storage area. Place it in original carton if you saved it. Keep all small parts together with filter pump, manual, and pool, and then place in an area that will remain at room temperature throughout the storage season.
» Water condition varies from country to country, states, region, and within specific zones and areas. In some regions the water could be "hard water", this is because the water contains excessive minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, thus causing the water to adopt a milky color. Check your local pool supply store for advice on water treatment and balance.
» Yes, in some cases certain types of hardy grass such as Bermuda or St. Augustine can grow through the liner. Before setting up your pool, it is recommended that you clear the area of these types of hardy grasses. INTEX will not be held responsible for grasses that may grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner, as this is not a manufacturing defect. A ground cloth or tarp may be helpful in preventing this from occurring.
» Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage.
» Most replacement parts for Intex products are available directly from Intex at www.intexstore.com or contact us direct at (800) 234-6839. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover only, no checks, money orders or C.O.D.s.
» A PVC or silicon based glue for repairing camping mats, tents, shoes, inflatable boats, etc are suitable for INTEX pools.
» If a product is purchased directly from Intex www.intexcorp.com and it is found to be defective within 90 days of purchase, call Intex Consumer Service and an Intex agent will initiate a claim for the defective product. Once the claim is processed and approved the replacement is shipped within two business days. For a second replacement within the initial 90 day service period, Intex requires that a claim be filed for defective parts and that the defective item be returned at the consumer’s expense. Call (800) 234-6839 for further assistance and information.
» Depending on usage and water conditions, it is recommended that the cartridges be replaced at a minimum of 2 week intervals. The filter cartridge should be removed and checked at least once a week. It can be partially cleaned by rinsing off with a garden hose and brush. If it still appears to be dirty, it should be replaced immediately.
» Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days once the order is placed. Orders will be shipped by regular mail or Fed EX (depending on the size of the order). Therefore, transit time will be determined based on your location and shipping method.
» See attached table. Note: For consumers who are using 520R/530R/FP621/FP622 model filter pumps, you would need an additional Cartridge Support (#10499) in order to use the new filter cartridge 59905.
» If your e-mail address was provided at the time the order was placed, and your order was shipped by Fed EX, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the tracking number. You can then go to the Fed EX website to track the package.
» Yes, please call Consumer Service at (800) 234-6839 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday) to find the retailer nearest you; or visit our website at www.Intexcorp.com. Click on "Replacement Parts and Accessories". Click on "Filter Pumps" and choose which pump you own.
» Models 520R/530R (#58621/58622) and FP621/FP622 (#56621/56622) need to use the filter cartridge support in order to use 59905 filter cartridge.
» A standard shipping and handling charge is calculated into every order, regardless of the shipping method.
» Yes. Intex will accept replacement part orders, accessory orders, and warranty questions from Canadian consumers. For replacements on items other than Above Ground Pools and specific airbeds, please refer back to the original place of purchase. To order replacement parts please call 800-234-6839 or go to www.intexcorp.com.
» Yes, it can be, but in the interests of hygiene we recommend replacing it with a new one.
» Excessive use of pool chemicals can cause the color of the inside wall printing to fade away faster, like a heavy chlorinated public swimming will cause a bathing suit color to fade.
» It’s not recommended to use flocculants as the flocculants clog the cartridge easily and may overload the filter pump motor.
» No. Adding pool chemicals directly into the floating surface skimmer basket or into the filter cartridge chamber will cause the plastic parts to deteriorate faster due to high chemical concentration, and it will void the warranty. Pool chemicals shall be applied through a special pool chemical dispenser, consult with your local pool supplier specialist for details.
» No, the warranty is voided if a cartridge other than the part listed is used, please check filter pump warranty. A brand other than INTEX may not fit correctly, thereby not filtering the water properly.
» Processing time is approximately 3 business days from the date we receive the product. It is then shipped by Fed EX Ground from Long Beach CA. Therefore, transit time will be determined by your location.
» 30 Days from the date of delivery as stated on the shipping invoice (except items that come with a written warranty).
» No, payment can only be made using Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.
» U.S. currency.
» No, you must provide a physical address for Fed EX to deliver your package. Fed EX does not deliver to Post Office boxes, APO or PPO addresses.
» No. The shipping costs have already been incurred at your request and therefore are non-refundable.
» It is the consumer’s responsibility to notify Intex within 15 days of receiving a defective or incorrect replacement by calling (800) 234-6839.
» It takes 2-3 business days to process the order and 2 additional business days in transit for Fed EX to ship. This is the fastest method of shipping that we offer. There is no next-day air service available. The package will be received within approximately 3-5 business days. All shipments to Canada will go by standard (ground) Fed EX or regular mail.
» There are no special policies for gifts. Our replacement polices apply the same to purchased items and gifts and a copy of the validated sales receipt is required.
» No.
» No. Our system does not accept COD (Cash on delivery) or check. We only accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Pre-paid credit cards can be used if they are from one of these four companies.(for U.S & Canada only)
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