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Intex offers you the most comfortable, durable, innovative airbeds at the best prices! We're constantly developing, testing and using our airbeds to ensure that they'll give you and your guests a comfortable night’s sleep. From kids’ slumber parties, to in-law visits, to camping trips miles from home, we have the right bed at the right price!

Intex's® line of Camping Airbeds are designed for adventures far from home. These beds feature pumps that can quickly and easily inflate the bed in locations where power is limited. Our camping beds are engineered for durability and comfort. This line offers a full spectrum of airbeds,from your basic vinyl bed up to a laminated camping bed that is 120 times more puncture resistant than a regular airbed.

Intex's® line of Home Airbeds starts with a basic flocked bed and moves up to a raised bed with a memory foam top, all at a phenomenal price. Our beds are designed for comfort and reliability. We offer high quality and innovative design for a great price.


*Note: Product designs and specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.

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