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Saltwater Pool System
Pool water has to be properly maintained to be safe and enjoyable for your family and friends. For years, the only way to keep bacteria from building up to unsafe levels was to use chemicals mass-produced in a factory. These chemicals are dangerous to store and dangerous to use. Simply reading the warning labels on a package of chlorine will tell you how dangerous these chemicals really are.

But today, there is a safe, affordable solution that is changing the way people think about pool maintenance:
Salt Water Pool Systems. For years this technology cost thousands of dollars and was reserved for high-end in-ground pools. But Intex®, the company that revolutionized above ground pools with our Easy Set™ and Metal Frame pools, is now changing the way people maintain their above ground pools. Our Saltwater Pool System can be added to your above ground pool, regardless of its make.

The Intex® Saltwater Pool System will give you fresh, clean water with almost no effort or maintenance. Our automated system uses inexpensive, all-natural salt to constantly maintain your pool’s water in a fresh, clean, sparkling condition. And because salt does not evaporate, you don’t have to continually add salt like you do with chlorine.

And does it feel like ocean water? Not at all! Due to the low salt level (one-tenth as much as ocean saltwater), it leaves your pool water feeling like fresh, clean, soft water. Which also means that your skin, eyes, and clothes feel fresh and clean! So, when you want to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time and money maintaining it, the Intex® Saltwater Pool System is for you!

Saltwater Pool System
(Chlorine Generator)

Saltwater Pool System w/ Filter Pump (Chlorine Generator Combo)


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