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During the easy installation of your Intex® Saltwater Pool System, a measured quantity of salt is dissolved in the pool water. Salt can be purchased easily and inexpensively at pool supply, home supply, plumbing, hardware, and grocery stores for about six to fourteen cents a pound.

As part of the daily water filtration cycle, the pool water passes though the system’s electrolytic titanium-coated cell to produce sodium hypochlorite which is dissolved instantly in the water. Bacteria, viruses, and algae are eliminated while oxidizing other organic materials.

The cleaning process automatically repeats itself daily when the Saltwater Pool System is operated. Salt does not evaporate. So, unlike packaged chlorine, salt does not need to be constantly added to your pool’s water. In fact, you may never have to add additional salt to your pool! And since the amount of salt added to the pool water is only one-tenth as much as ocean saltwater, all you feel is clean fresh, sparkling water! Just look at the results after only 24 hours!
  Salt is dissolved in the pool water

Pool with ISS

Pool Water Left Untreated for Days

Untreated pool water

24 Hours Later with Treatment From the
Intex® Saltwater Pool System

Treatment from Intex saltwater pool system

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