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Safety & Sustainability

Safety and Compliance

Intex cares about your family’s safety. That’s why we don’t just comply with standards, we help set them. Our safety experts participate in committees and boards alongside organizations like the American Red Cross, the World Waterpark Association, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and many more to help set the standards for the industry so that you and your family get the safest products. 

Our board and committee members have helped push regulations on the following committees:

  • CEN European Technical Committee 136, WG13 – EN 15649 Floating Leisure Articles
  • CEN European Technical Committee 52, WG3 and WG10 – EN71 Safety of Toys
  • CEN European Technical Committee 402, WG1 and WG2 – Domestic Swimming Pools

They have also helped establish the following standards:

  • ANSI-4 Aboveground / Onground Residential Swimming Pools
  • ASTM F2666 Standard Specification for Aboveground Portable Pools for Residential Use
  • ASTM F2755-14 Cautionary Labeling of Inflatable Air Mattresses

Other safety regulations and standards we comply with include:

  • Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)”
  • EN 71 “Safety of toys” (European standard)
  • EN 13138 “Buoyant aids for swimming instruction” (European standard)
  • EN 15649 “Floating leisure articles for use on and in the water” (European standard for air mats, lounges and other similar items)
  • EN 60335-2-41 “Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, particular requirements for pumps” (European standard for water pumps)
  • ISO 6185-1 “Inflatable boats” (International standards for Sports Boats)
  • NMMA-ABYC (USA standard for hi-end sports boats)
  • ASTM F963 “Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (USA toy standard)
  • ANSI/APSP-4 “AGP standard” (USA standard for above ground pools
  • CPSIA “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” (USA  regulation for consumer and children’s products)
  • ASTM F2666 “Small pools standard” (USA standard for pools under 36” water depth)
  • UL1450 “Electric inflators” (USA standard for electric inflators)
  • UL1081 “Swimming pool pumps, filters and chlorinators (USA standad
  • UL1563 “Electric Spas” (USA standard for Spa)

Walmart Award


At Intex, we strive to think green. For over 10 years, our supplier had been dedicated to conducting their PVC recycling program. PVC material from returned products are recycled or remanufactured to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used, decreasing their carbon footprint. The supplier even received a responsibility award this past year for the success of their program.