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Air Furniture Air Furniture

Air Furniture
Inflate and decorate in a snap!


Lounge in style with our sleek, comfortable, and relaxing loungers. Whether you’re lounging inside or outdoors, the soft flocked material will make you feel perfectly cozy.

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Bring a splash of color and design to any room or backyard with the Intex line of air chairs! Made to fit your relaxing style, our chairs are perfect for curling up with a book, watching TV or simply winding down.

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Share the air with Intex Sofas! Our sofas are a quick and easy seating solution that couldn’t be a more perfect addition to your living space.

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Kids Chairs

Bring the fun and comfort of our adult chairs to your children with Intex kids chairs! Made especially for children, our kids chairs will brighten up any bed or play room with their inviting colors and comfy design.

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Kids Beds & Pillows

Make bed time fun for your kids with Intex Kids Airbeds! Whether they’re traveling, camping, or having sleepovers, our kids airbeds are the ideal sleeping solution that will give your little ones the sweetest dreams!

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Pumps & Accessories

Need a quick fix or an extra accessory for your air furniture? No problem. You can find what you’re looking for easily and conveniently.

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