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Sporting Goods Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods
Gear up for great weekends. Game on!

Sporting Lounges & Islands

Take your water lounging experience to another level of luxury with Intex sporting lounges and islands. You’ll relax and enjoy lazing in the water by yourself or with friends with many configurations to choose from!

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Professional Series Boats

Designed and engineered for optimum performance, comfort, rigidity and versatility. It features SUPER-TOUGH™ triple-layered, laminated PVC material to maximize comfort and safety, while resisting gasoline, abrasion and sunlight.

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Sports Series Boats

A broad range of recreation boats and kayaks. All models are made with strong and durable materials for stability and rugged use, suited to fishing and boating in lakes and mild rivers.

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Parts & Accessories

Need a quick fix or something to go with your sporting goods? No problem. Check out our parts and accessories to find what you’re looking for.

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