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FAQs - Floats & Toys

  • Can chemicals be used?

    No. There is no way of circulating the chemicals so they may damage or deteriorate your pool.
  • Are pool covers available for the Family Swim Center Pools?

    Pool covers are available for the 120" x 72" and 144" x 76" rectangular pools. Please call Consumer Service at (800) 234-6839 to find the retailer nearest you, or to place a telephone order. Caps and plugs are also available for purchase. There is no cover for the 144" octagon shaped Swim Center pool.
  • Can the "Fast-Fill Rechargeable Pump" be used to inflate Swim Center pools?

    The Fast-Fill Rechargeable Pump can only be used on Family Swim Center Pools that originally come with the special Fast-Fill Valve.
  • Does Intex have a filter pump for the Swim Center Pool?

    Yes. The Model M1 filter pump can be used. All other Intex filter pumps are to be used with the larger above ground pools such as the 10', 12', 15' and 18' pools.